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Lord Nelson 1758-1805, by Lemuel Abbott

1758 September 29
Born at Burnham Thorpe as the son of Reverend Edmund Nelson and his wife Catherine.
1770 November 27
Joins the 64-gun ship Raisonable as midhipman.
1776 October
Joins the 64-gun ship Worcester as acting lieutenant.
1777 April
Promoted to lieutenant and appointed to the frigate Lowestoffe.
1778 December 8
Appointed Commander.
1779 June 11
Appointed Captain.
1793 February
Appointed to command the 64-gun ship Agamemnon.
1795 June 1
Appointed Conel of the Royal Marines.
1797 February 20
Appointed Rear-Admiral of the Blue.
Knight of the Bath.
1798 February 14
The Battle at St Vincent where 15 British ships defeated a Spanish fleet of 27 ships-of-the-line. Nelson in the 74-gun ship Captain boarded and took the 80-gun ship San Nicholas and the 112-gun ship San Jose.
1798 March
Hoisted flag in the 74-gun ship Vanguard.
1798 August 1
Battle of the Nile at Abukir Bay.
1798 November 6
Created Baron Nelson of the Nile and of Burnham Thorpe.
1799 February 14
Appointed Rear-Admiral of the Red.
1801 January 1
Appointed Vice-Admiral of the Blue.
1801 January 16
Hoist flag in 98-gun ship San Josef.
1801 February 12
Hoist flag in 98-gun ship St George.
1801 April 2
Battle of Copenhagen.
1803 July 30
Rehoists his flag in the 100-gun ship Victory.
1804 April 23
Appointed Vice-Admiral of the White.
1805 October 23
Killed at the Battle of Trafalgar against the combined French and Spanish fleets.

The Nelson Decade, which commenced on 21 October 1995 with the 190th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar, will be an eventful period with notable activities and public events being organised to commemorate Nelson's life and achievements and to celebrate the bicentenaries of his four most important battles:

  Battle of Cape St. Vincent : 14 February 1797
Battle of The Nile : 1 August 1798
Battle of Copenhagen : 2 April 1801
Battle of Trafalgar : 21 October 1805

H.M.S. Victory

The Flandyke Shore
Trad, Arr. Nic Jones/The Albion Band
I went unto my love's chamber window
Where I often I had been before
Just to let her know unto Flandyke Shore
Unto Flandyke Shore
Never to return to England no more
Never to return to England no more

I went uto my love's chamber door
Where I'd never had been before
There I saw a light springing from her clothes
Springing from her clothes
Just as the morning sun when first arose
Just as the morning sun when first arose

As I was walking on the Flandyke Shore
Her own dear father I did meet
"My daughter, she is dead", he cried
"She is dead", he cried
"And she's broken her heart all for the love of thee"
So I hoved a bullet onto fair England's shore
Onto fair England's shore
Just where I thought that my own true love did lay.

So I hove a dart that touched my true love's heart,touched my true love's heart and brought the light into her eyes again.

The Victory, used as a training ship during W.W.1
H.M.S Victory c.1917


This is the Home Page of
Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson

online texts 

The Far Side of The World
a new film about
 British naval warfare in the
Napoleonic Era

Celebrating 10 glorious years
in the life of Britain's greatest naval hero
the seat of historic British Naval power


Peter Bellamy's masterwork,
his ballad opera of suffering, love
and redemption.
Set in 1783

for younger people with an interest in the life and times
of Admiral Lord Nelson


finally, an official website
for one of England's most
acclaimed singer/guitatist/

Flandyke Shore

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